make a house a home

10 features that make a house a home

What do we think of when we think of home? Do we think of where we currently live, or a place that we’d like to be, or our current abode? Whilst it’s a simple question, it might create a sense of how one would like to feel and welcome guests as much as envisaging a physical structure.

Most people, when asked, would like to change something about where they live. It might be the interior décor, or a long-standing repair/alteration job, something that could be addressed over a few weekends and a trip to the DIY store. Or it could require a more substantial room alteration or extension project that requires more thought, a longer lead time and a bigger budget! But what drives these thoughts are often more nebulous factors which can determine if a home improvement project is successful.

At FABRICO, we see home as a place where we can express ourselves and be happy and content. Home does not always need to be the complete package, a finished article, but does need to be authentic, true to the owner. We like to spend time with our customers, understand more about them and get a good feel for their general likes and dislikes. This then guides the approach we put forward to create a welcoming space that is a genuine reflection of the person or family that lives there.

From our experience, the top ten features that can make a house, apartment, villa, castle etc. a home are listed below;

  1. Your home reflects your life and personality – it contains moments from your life that have shaped you and in turn you have made your mark on your home.
  2. Family and loved ones define where home is – even when it is a place you have moved away from, the draw is always there and you feel an expectation as you approach it.
  3. Home is a place of rest and comfort – maybe you can accessorise that feeling of homeliness with a log fire, books or a faithful dog.
  4. A sense of peace, calmness and relief – home is a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world and recharge your batteries.
  5. Shared history and stories – home contains many memories of the people you have lived with, the times and the many conversations you’ve had together.
  6. Home is a place to return to – there’s a magnetic-type pull that will bring you back home, re-boot your energy levels, a constant in an ever-changing world.
  7. Home has the space to engage with and experience – home is no-one else’s space but your own, where you can express yourself to your heart’s content
  8. A place to dine and enjoy good food – home is where we mostly prepare, cook and eat food, which can be considered one of life’s more modest pleasures
  9. A welcome to friends and family – there will be occasions when you’ll want to throw open the doors of your home and invite guests over, offer guided tours and entertainment!
  10. A home is also a personal treasure trove – you may have collections of items of huge value to you and you alone which you may have picked up on your travels or inherited, either stored away or proudly on display.

All these elements contribute to making a home and how we live in it, so it’s perhaps a more complex environment than first appears. So helping to create a home perfect for the owner first requires an understanding of what makes them happy. This is where FABRICO likes to create value, by taking a thoughtful and empathetic approach to making choices. Our approach is to put the person at the heart of their home, work from the inside out to see how they engage with and use their space and see what home means to them. This approach doesn’t have to involve a huge expense, but can result in a space that is unique to you.

If you can, put together as detailed a design brief as possible. You can use pictures from magazines or the internet and samples of materials you like. We’d be pleased to help you with our free design consultation service. Have a browse through our facebook page or website or click here to contact us.