With a bit of creative thinking you can fit storage into the most unlikely of places, or make a functional solution look positively stunning. Here’s a few ideas that will help you incorporate creative storage space into your home.

Understairs area
The understairs area is a perfect spot for storage that’s both practical and stunning. By having a sequence of pull-out drawers and cupboards in a zigzag pattern to follow the line of the stairs, you can maximise access to a hitherto difficult place to contain all your shoes and good-to-go outdoor items. 

Enclosed vanity area
Dressing table surfaces can gather clutter, so  how would you like to have a dressing table in your bedroom but don’t want the space to feel cluttered? One idea is to have a wall of cabinets with wardrobe space on each side that opens up in the centre to reveal a neat vanity area complete with shelves, stool and mirror. The owner can open it up in the morning to get ready, then close the doors to hide bottles, make-up and accessories when they’re done.

Tuck in your toaster
Breakfast stations hidden in a pantry cupboard are becoming increasingly popular. But what if you don’t have a bespoke pantry cupboard? Instead you can have a cabinet that’s been built with a cantilevered door at the bottom. The door can be lifted up to reveal a row of small appliances and closed to hide them when not in use.

Utilise low areas
Got a raised area with a small space below it? You’d be surprised how much storage you can fit in there. This can allow for a narrow, yet deep pull-out shelving unit to be included, which will have plenty of room for small items.

Hide cupboards behind shelves
Why have one storage idea, when you can have two? Have you considered cutting a cupboard in half, allowing for a door large enough to reveal shelving for those items you don’t want on display.

Combine a screen and storage
Where you have an open living space, you can create a more intimate living room area by separating it from the dining zone with a piece of joinery. But rather than leave it as a simple screen, this partition can offer plenty of shelving for tableware, toys and books. Furthermore, this offers an easy way to incorporate sliding pocket doors, which can be closed when you want to separate the two rooms.

Top-to-toe cabinets
If you want to maximise storage space in your kitchen then floor-to-ceiling wall units offer more storage than standard kitchen cupboards. You may need to double up on kitchen carcasses one on top of the other, then install larger doors, such as fridge unit doors, over each pairing to give the run a clean look.

Hide the television
When they were first produced, televisions, like gramophones, were hidden away behind elaborate veneered doors. Not all fashions come full circle, but if you don’t want your TV to dominate the room, you can always consider a storage unit comprising a bespoke shelving unit with doors that can slide shut to conceal it when it’s not in use.

Of course, it’s important to tailor ideas like these to your own requirements and factors such as how long you plan to stay in your current house and changing family needs will also influence what storage projects you take on. 

How FABRICO can help

FABRICO’s one-stop-shop approach to helping our customers achieve the home of their dreams includes a free outline design service. We can offer advice and suggestions on how best to plan your storage options that meets the functional and aesthetic needs of your home.

We are always pleased to discuss your plans and give you the benefit of our time and expertise. Feel free to contact us either through our website (click here to contact us) or email us enquiries@fabrico.uk.

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